Emma’s Choice Regular Strength Pet CBD Oil


Supplement Facts

Serving size: 20 drops (0.5 mL) half a pipette

Servings Per Container:  per 30ml bottle, 60 servings 

Amount Per Serving: 12.5mg CBD

Ingredients: Certified Organic MCT (coconut) Oil, Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate

Contains No THC

Made in CANADA

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Emma’s Choice Regular Strength pet CBD oil contains approximately 12.5 MG of CBD per 0.5 mL (half pipette) of liquid and comes in a 30 ml bottle.

This is great for those pets that are within the small to medium-sized range. Also a go-to for those who fur babies that are new to CBD and want to break the ice.


Emma’s Dosing:

For Small to Medium-sized Pets: 

2kg – 4kg Dose: 6.25mg

5kg – 7kg Dose: 12.5mg

8kg – 10kg Dose: 25mg

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