Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we’ve all been washing our hands more frequently, vigorously and for longer than usual. And it’s not just soap – hand sanitizer pulls natural oils from the skin as well. As a result, our hands are at the mercy of these products more than ever before, and are drying out more quickly. Luckily, there is a healthy solution.

Regular hand creams will do the trick, but many people are turning to nourishing CBD oil instead. It may come as a surprise, but it can help your skin externally and isn’t just medicinal when ingested! And of course, because it’s natural, it has a variety of benefits not found in regular over the counter or prescription hand cream.

Since CBD has become legal in Canada, the industry has seen a massive spike which continues to grow. Research, as well as personal accounts from experienced and new users, has confirmed just how many amazing benefits hemp and marijuana products have. Using CBD oil on skin helps fight breakouts, heals psoriasis and eczema, promotes healthy hair and nail growth, offers deep, lasting moisture, and much more! 

It’s easy to add to your regular skin care routine, and there are lots of products on the market to choose from to suit your needs. CBD oil can really benefit anyone!


Acne breakouts

There’s no one on earth who hasn’t suffered from acne. Even those we think have perfect skin have had their fair share of bad days, but of course for some acne can be much worse than for others.

It might seem counter-intuitive to put oil on your skin, but one study found CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties to be the key to reducing redness. The oil also won’t clog pores like you may expect. Many people instantly attribute oil on skin to acne, but that’s not the case! CBD inhibits excess sebum (oil) production of the skin, which is one of the most common triggers for acne. 

CBD is different from prescription drugs because it actually targets skin cells that cause acne. Prescription acne medication works by effecting all the skin in the same way, which usually causes irritation and sometimes severe dryness to the rest of your skin.


Skin conditions

Psoriasis and eczema can be intensely itchy, painful, and unsightly, making it uncomfortable and embarrassing for millions of people who suffer from these skin conditions. 

CBD oil is a powerful anti-inflammation remedy which helps relieve pain more effectively than others. It affects the endocannabinoid system which regulates messages within our bodies to help with mood, immune system, and pain relief. 

There are a lot of skin care products on the market that are designed to help with conditions like psoriasis, but not all of them are effective. Or, often, they cause other side effects. CBD oil is a natural solution that works without alternative problems, and its anti-inflammation properties calm skin quickly to relieve pain. 

For those who don’t suffer from psoriasis or eczema, but do suffer from cracked or rough skin, CBD oil can help soften that as well. It will brighten your skin and even help with anti-aging and wrinkle prevention.

Many people choose to use CBD oil in combination with their prescription psoriasis or eczema medicines at first. But if you feel that the oil treatment is working on its own, you may no longer feel the need to continue with your prescription. 


Nail growth and hair health

After washing your hands for 20 seconds multiple times per day, your hands will be struggling to keep their moisture. Any soap that effectively kills germs and stops the spread of viruses will strip your hands of their natural oils. This will probably result in your nails becoming more brittle, and the skin around them dry, causing hang nails. 

By rubbing CBD oil onto your hands it will help replenish the moisture, and return necessary nutrients to your skin. Massaging the oil in and around the bed of your nails will help promote healthy nail growth and restore strength and shine. 

CBD oil is an amazing alternative to body and hand lotions, but it should still be treated like an oil. It will take more time to absorb into your skin than moisturizer, and only a small amount is needed. That means even a small bottle will last you a long time if you use it sparingly.

As you may already know, your hair and nails both contain keratin and benefit from the same vitamins and minerals. Using CBD oil topically can not only help your nails grow, but also help stimulate strength for your hair follicles. 


CBD oil vs moisturizer 

Some moisturizers will provide a temporary solution, but will quickly allow your skin to dry out again. Over time, this means you’re spending more money on lotions, spending more time moisturizing your skin, and not preventing the issue from coming back again and again. CBD oil is medicinal and treats your skin to get to the route of the problem long term.

One of the best benefits to CBD oil, is that it works for all skin types! It has skin-normalizing effects so it strikes a healthy balance between being soft enough for sensitive skin, while also being able to treat more complicated skin conditions. 

The incredible effects of CBD oil are still being uncovered as its use becomes more widely accepted and research is more accessible because it’s now legal. The countless benefits really make it seem miraculous that we’re only being exposed to its value now, when we’ve had access for hundreds and thousands of years. But better late than never!

Because it’s a natural product, you can try it out without concern about whether it will be too harsh on your skin. 

Just because your hands have been struggling with staying soft since the increased need for hand-washing, doesn’t mean you should be washing your hands any less! CBD oil will help replenish the oils that are lost during vigorous handwashing, and its antioxidant properties will keep your hands clear and free of infection too. 

There is no evidence to support the notion that any cannabis products can prevent or cure COVID-19, but it certainly can keep your skin healthy amid the crisis!